Your Program.
Your Money.
It's That Simple.

Dealer Obligor Program

Perfect Warranty

More Ownership

You own 100% of your program profits.

  • No hidden fees

  • Greater transparency

  • Immediate cash flow

  • More flexible options

<span>More Ownership</span>

More Control

You own the program and make decisions about:

  • Compensation and expense minimization

  • Reimbursement and rate guideline strategies

  • Coverage strategies

  • Customer and employee satisfaction

  • Customer retention

<span>More Control</span>

More Direct Access

You direct 100% of your investment income.

  • Gain a wider variety of investment options

  • Promote dealership growth

  • Maintain operational continuity

  • Gain access to capital

<span>More Direct Access</span>

We provide the tools. We do the work. You're in control.

With our Perfect Warranty dealer obligor program, you can create your own service contract program. It's the only program of its kind that allows you to control the money.

We make it easy for you. We provide all of the required materials and documents, as well as contractual liability insurance. Everything you need to sell the service contract programs your customers are looking for. Our participation, training, and support will help you achieve your goals. You can count on us to help you grow your business.

<span>We provide the tools.  We do the work.  You're in control.</span>

Ready for more?

  • Immediate cash flow: unlike traditional service-contract programs, you hold the reserve, providing financial leverage and investment income potential.

  • Superior loss control: with advanced administrative capabilities.

  • Management reporting: our reporting provides data for enrollment, claims, cancellations, cash flow and reserve analysis.

  • World-class claims administration: our claims infrastructure assures customer satisfaction.

  • Industry-leading account oversight: from the field to the home office, we are your program partner.

  • Lender compliant: accepted by most major manufacturers and financial institutions.

How it works
  1. Dealer sells a car.

  2. The F&I team sells a vehicle service contract for that car.

  3. Contract and admin fee go to Assurant, reserve goes to the dealership account.

  4. Administrator adjudicates claims for contract life.

  5. Dealership has 100% access to reserve and keeps 100% of underwriting profit and investment income.

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